Morristown Jewish Center

Afternoon Enrichment & Lunch Bunch

Our afternoon programs are available to all our students. Students are grouped in age appropriate levels for lunch and enrichment classes.

The Lunch Bunch

Days available – Monday through Friday, 12:00 – 1:00 pm

This lunch hour offers the opportunity for socialization over lunch along with outdoor and indoor playtime. Lunches must be dairy, peanut/nut free and packaged foods must have a K or OU marking. You may choose to have your child participate in our hot lunch program. The options consist of breakfast for lunch, grilled cheese, macaroni & cheese, soy nuggets, bagels, fish sticks, tater tots, yogurt, string cheese, fruit, and veggies. We also offer Shabbat Slices on Fridays, which includes pizza, fruit and dessert.

Enrichment Classes

Days available – Monday-Friday, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm includes Lunch Bunch)

The goal of our Enrichment Classes is to have an afternoon of learning disguised as FUN!

We offer science, art, stories around the world, engineering and math, and yoga. From year-to-year, the topics change. Afternoon sessions include a lunch hour (12:00 pm – 1:00 pm) and a 30-minute rest period (mandated by the State of New Jersey).

Programs include:

  • Mondays: Wee Little Arts – A fun-filled workshop which will ignite the children’s imagination and creativity through media arts. Various mediums will be used including paint, sculpture, carving and paper mache.
  • Tuesdays: Stories around the world – Children learn stories from different countries. Through books, pictures, scavenger hunts, activities, and artifacts the children will learn about different countries every week.
  • Wednesdays: Experimenting with Experiments – Looking for gooey, volcanic and slimy fun? Science comes alive as children explore the fascinating world around them and take part in fun experiments that will awe them and put big smiles on their faces. Through hands-on fun, children explore basic scientific concepts.
  • Thursdays: Engineering and Math – During our time together, the children will build with different materials and learn about math concepts in a fun and interactive way. Sequencing, sorting, building, creating and problem solving will all be part of our afternoons together.
  • Fridays: Youthful Yoga – Through basic relaxation techniques and simple yoga poses, your children will learn about healthy lifestyles while increasing their flexibility and concentration.