Morristown Jewish Center

Family Education

We believe strongly in the importance of communication with and support from parents throughout the school year.  Our teachers, parents, and principal should be a team working together for the optimal success of each of our students. 

On Sunday mornings throughout the school year, parents are invited to special Family Education sessions where parents learn special annual lessons and create special annual projects together with their children. 

  • Kindergarteners design kippot with their parents.
  • First Graders make mezuzot with their parents.
  • Second Graders create challah covers with their parents.
  • Third Graders decorate siddur covers with their parents.
  • Fourth Graders develop family trees with their parents.
  • Fifth Graders build Havdalah sets with their parents.
  • Sixth Graders construct yads with their parents. 
  • Seventh graders are already actively involved with their parents in preparing to become Bnai Mitzvah.