Morristown Jewish Center Beit Yisrael

Religious School Registration for 2020-2021

Dear MJCBY Families,

Thank you for your support and participation in our remote learning this spring.  Amidst all of this uncertainty, one thing we can count on is our commitment to each other, to our congregation and to the sacred task of Jewish learning.

Our Religious School will continue in the fall with a meaningful and innovative program that ensures the safety and health of our students and teachers.  Our anticipated start date is Wednesday, September 9th and Sunday, September 13th.

We anticipate Religious School classes to be held both in the building and remotely. These plans are based on the current state, local, and CDC guidelines.  As of now, we will be providing in-person instruction on Sundays for kindergarten through seventh grades. On Wednesdays, third through fifth grade will have an option to elect either in-person or virtual learning, and sixth and seventh grades will have in-person instruction to better prepare for their b’nai mitzvot.  Of course, if you need to consider alternatives to in-person instruction, we welcome that feedback and will work with you to create an optimal learning experience.  

We promise to create the safest and most effective learning environment for your children. Some re-opening details include:

  • health screening of child to be completed by parents before entry into building
  • all persons’ temperatures will be scanned upon entering the building
  • teachers and students will be required to wear masks
  • no other Synogogue programming during religious school hours
  • parents’ entrance into the building will be highly limited
  • individual desks spaced 6 feet apart 
  • Rooms and frequently touched areas will be cleaned and disinfected frequently
  • no sharing of supplies
  • protocols will be communicated regarding bathroom use, hand-washing and snack

Please note we are prepared to go completely virtual at a moment’s notice if required, but for now, we look forward to welcoming you back to the building in September! 

Registration is NOW OPEN and we encourage you to ENROLL PROMPTLY! We are offering an early bird discount of 10% off EACH child’s tuition if registered and paid in full by August 7th.  Meeting this enrollment deadline is essential to our planning this year and absolutely crucial to our shared success. Please log on to your Chaveware account ( to enroll.  If you don’t already have a Chaverware account, please email our executive director, Pam Posnock ( who will get you set up.