Morristown Jewish Center

Photos of our Historic Building

Photos by Peter Lewin click on thumbnails to enlarge picture.

The Tree of Life Painting     Nacie Salny, part of the Salny family who are represented around the congregation painted this as a fund raiser. There was a cost to buy each leaf with the idea that as your family grew, you would buy another leaf. When this painting was full, she painted a second smaller one. That one is the same height but only about half as wide. Each family group is on a separate branch. If you are in our beautiful historic building, the painting hangs on the wall as you ascend the stairs to the third floor.

mjcby-tree-of-life-small copy mjcby-treedetail2-small mjcby-treedetail1-small

Stain Glass Windows in Main Sanctuary
mjcby-grief-window-small mjcby-menorah-window-2 mjcby-menorah-window




Gold Door Handles




Ballroom for Events
mjcby-ballroom-small mjcby-ballroom-bimah-small