Morristown Jewish Center

Weekly Women’s Torah Class

What happens when a group of women get together to read and discuss Torah each week?

Every Friday morning for the past few years, a group of friends and newcomers gather to read some Torah, ask questions, share insights, talk, laugh, and inevitably get way off the topic, but still  learn from each other.  These gatherings can hardly be called “class”, as they are about as informal as it is possible to get: everyone understands there are no prerequisites, we are free to come late, leave early, step out for a phone call, bring friends, and miss a week here or there or more, but always be warmly welcomed back.  We started out reading the Torah in English and discussing questions and commentary that came up, but we took breaks to read the Books of Esther and Ruth, Ecclesiastes, Lamentations, and Pirkei Avot. We’ve moved on to reading Prophets, but we still review the weekly Parasha, with even more informed and enthusiastic participation as we revisit ground we now find familiar. Questions on all and any topic are welcomed, as are those who have never been to a Torah class and are completely unfamiliar with these texts. Everyone recognizes that we all begin somewhere, and all input and viewpoints are valued.

So, what happens when a group of women get together to talk about Torah and other Jewish texts?

Come find out!  July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 and August 7, 14, 28  on Friday mornings at 10:30am, and to continue throughout the year.  You are always welcome at any time, no RSVP necessary, just drop in.  Email or call Cantor Shana for more information or to ask questions