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We Are MJCBY Celeste Reingold and Linda Kornreich

Celeste Reingold and Linda Kornreich: A Lasting Friendship Made Here at MJCBY

Linda Kornreich, her husband, Larry, and their growing family moved to Morristown area in the late 1970s and joined MJCBY. She and Larry figured this would be a great way to meet new people.  “I remember everyone being so warm and friendly and welcoming us as newcomers,” shares Linda.

Celeste Reingold  and her husband David were pregnant with their first child nearly 30 years ago (in the mid-80s) when they moved into the area and joined MJCBY. She and David thought this would be a great way to settle into the community. They even found their first realtor through MJCBY.

The Reingold’s realtor, Eileen Goldberg (also then a MJCBY member), helped them get settled in the area and at shul and introduced them to many people. One of those people was Linda Kornreich.

That early acquaintance has morphed over time to a very special friendship. Linda refers to Celeste many times in this interview as her “younger friend.” They reflect that they represent different generations as their children are different ages… while Linda’s youngest daughter, Jill, was celebrating her wedding, Celeste’s daughter, Simma, was becoming a Bat Mitzvah.

However, despite being at different stages of life, they have grown much closer over the past three decades. And they both will say, “It was the synagogue events that really connected us.”

It all began as the ladies paths crossed through their MJCBY involvement many times over the years. They worked on several committees together including the synagogue’s board, Sisterhood committees, programs and dinner dances. As Linda stepped into a chair role for a dinner dance, Celeste served on the committee. And, when Celeste chaired Shalach Manot, Linda jumped in to help on that committee!

Linda once served a president of the synagogue board and then continued on the board when Celeste’s husband, David, became President. Many years later, Linda and Celeste were on the Board at the same time when Celeste was Sisterhood president. (And this is only scratching the service of all these two fabulous women have contributed of their time and talents to MJCBY.)

About 10 years ago, the friendship grew deeper as the couples began a Shabbat dinner group to get together once every six weeks with dear friends, including the Kleins and the Balabans. That group started to attend temple events together and share fun experiences here at MJCBY.

Today, their friendship is much more than synagogue events and volunteer committees, it includes trips to the Botanical Gardens, day trips across the Hudson, couple vacations with another MJCBY member and dear friend Meryl Balaban, ringing in both the Jewish and secular New Years, sharing holidays, etc.

As Celeste and Linda will say, “We’ve shared the good, the bad and the ugly.” But it seems there was mostly good as these two friends share many memories, laughs and experiences both within MJCBY and outside.

Their advice for fellow congregants, “Go to events, volunteer, attend meetings, see a friendly face and introduce yourself.”

You never know who you might meet!