Morristown Jewish Center Beit Yisrael

Community Service / Tikun Olam

The world is not perfect. There are many needs out there. We do not believe in just praying for a better world, but we believe in the power we each have to help make things better.

We look at the Torah as our guidebook to life.  The Torah is filled with stories and lessons.  Torah teaches us how to be more GOoD, how to do more GOoD, and how to bring more GOoD into the world. 

We are to be a light unto the nations, and we can lead the way in bringing more GOoD into the world.  That is what Tikun Olam is about – healing the world. 

We need not wait until we are adults.  Even as kids, we can be kids who make a difference. 

We offer a variety of meaningful hands-on programs and projects to help heal the world – to bring more GOoD into the world. 

Some such opportunities may include:

  • Honoring Veterans
  • Letter Writing
  • Honoring Presidents
  • Police Officer Appreciation
  • Firefighter Appreciation
  • Caring and Sharing with the Elderly
  • Visiting the Sick
  • Maintaining Trails
  • Restoring Habitats
  • Helping Animals
  • Gleaning Farms
  • Feeding the Homeless
  • Removing Graffiti
  • Cleaning Neighborhoods
  • & MUCH MORE!

Upcoming Schedule

  • Sunday, December 15th – Toy & Blanket Drive
  • Sunday, January 5th – Police Officer Appreciation
  • Monday, January 20th – Power of the Pen
  • Monday, February 17th – Being Presidential
  • Sunday, March 22nd – Vernal Equinox Program
  • Sunday, April 5th – Animal Sanctuary Project
  • Sunday, May 3rd – Firefighter Appreciation
  • Sunday, June 14th – Flag Day

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