We Are MJCBY Celeste Reingold and Linda Kornreich

Celeste Reingold and Linda Kornreich: A Lasting Friendship Made Here at MJCBY Linda Kornreich, her husband, Larry, and their growing family moved to Morristown area in the late 1970s and joined MJCBY. She and Larry figured this would be a … Continue reading

We Are MJCBY: November 2014

Similar to their moms and like many other members of their families, high-school juniors Hannah Benton and Alison Fleischman traveled to Israel this past summer. Their trip, not unlike the same one their moms took when they were teenagers, resulted … Continue reading

Early Jewish History in Morristown

by Carl B. Scherzer The year 1654 marks the beginning of American Jewry, for in September of that year a group of twenty-three bedraggled and virtually penniless Sephardic Jews arrived at New Amsterdam from Recife, Brazil, aboard the boat St. … Continue reading

Rabbi: September 2014

Welcoming a New Year Summer should be a time for us to relax, enjoy, travel, go to camp, spend time with family. I hope you and your family have had such a summer, but as summer ends, fall begins and … Continue reading

Welcome to MJCBY: September 2014

WELCOME – Bruchim Ha-baim Cantor Shana Onigman New B’nai Mitzvah Tutor Cantor Shana joins us after serving as a congregation cantor and B’nai Mitzvah teacher in a New Jersey synagogue. In addition to working with our B’nai Mitzvah students, she will … Continue reading

Installation of Minyonaire Officers

Mazel Tov to Minyonaire officers who were installed on Minyonaires Shabbat Saturday, September 20th. Daniel Rubin and Justin Sontupe Co-Presidents Alison Fleishman, Sarah Kane, Shane Perlow, Sarah Sontupe, Sam Wanatick Vice Presidents For a list of Minyonaire Shabbats for the year 2014-2015 … Continue reading

Shul Group Travel to Cuba

There is a small group of interested folks for a five-night trip to Cuba, to see historic sites and visit the Jewish community. The price is $1999 and the dates are February 15-21, 2015. Be in touch with Ellen Nesson at ellen.nesson@gmail.com to request … Continue reading

World Wide Anti Semitism Today-Standing strong as a Jewish Community

World Wide Anti- Semitism Today- Standing strong as a Jewish Community Rabbi David Nesson Morristown Jewish Center July 2014 The events of the last several weeks, the last several days, the last several hours, have been on the minds of … Continue reading

Newsletter Submission Schedule

Subject to Change “MJCBY News” focuses on promoting upcoming events and promoting use of advertisers. Events that have already taken place should not be described in the text, but we encourage you to submit a photo of that activity, along with … Continue reading

Israel on Our Minds by Rabbi David Nesson

ISRAEL ON OUR MINDS (C) Rabbi David Nesson Morristown Jewish Center July 2014 Dear friends, The events of the last several weeks, the last several days, the last several hours, have been on the minds of all of us who … Continue reading